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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Half Moon Bay

After a short but fairly impressive drive (we were going straight into the wall of oncoming fog) we have arrived at the Half Moon Bay hotel. It's called The Beach House - http://www.beach-house.com/half-moon-bay-hotels.html - and it is very nice. We have a balcony looking out over the harbour, and we managed to spot a few dolphins this evening.

I've just got back from a meal at the Half Moon Bay Brewery - it's a restaurant too, apparently. Half of dad's work colleagues were there as well, somewhat amusingly. I have probably now consumed far too much pork (ribs, to be precise) than is healthy and I have hiccoughs, so I'm going to sleep.

Pictures will follow in the morning, as it was first too foggy and then too dark to take them today.

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