If anyone ever reads this, I will be extremely surprised, as chances are that 1) I will never give anyone the link and 2) I will probably forget to updated this after a while But hey, if by some chance you do stumble across this, feel free to poke around. Not sure that there's much to poke, but that's life.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Only a few more days to go until my Cambridge Interview :-s

Starting to get just a little bit worried.  Or a bit more worried, anyway. It somehow seems alarmingly closer than it did on Sunday. But I can't do extra work, because I have Physics Coursework (&*%!) to do. So I read New Scientist pile a bit at a time before bed, and browse the science news sites in my not-so-copious spare minutes.

But, other than that, life's not bad. Tiring, and I'm still ill, but I'm surviving. Famous last words, though. . . gimme a few days.