If anyone ever reads this, I will be extremely surprised, as chances are that 1) I will never give anyone the link and 2) I will probably forget to updated this after a while But hey, if by some chance you do stumble across this, feel free to poke around. Not sure that there's much to poke, but that's life.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I hate being ill. Especially if you can't take any time off school because you need a reference that doesn't say you "skive" regularly. Even though I am genuinely not well. Eugh.

Also, is there some unwritten law that states that every subject has to set an end-of-unit test in the same week? I have a Chemistry test on Friday, a Biology test on Monday and Physics test next friday!

Anyway, apart from the griping...

Actually, there's not much else.

Though I have got a Cambridge Interview :-) 8th December. One of my interviewers is an astrophysicist - not quite sure about that. Though she is the Vice-Mistress of the college as well. And one of my other interviewers (a Vet Bye-fellow) is french. So now I'm terrified she's going to talk to me in French :-S