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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


It's been a long, long half term.

No wonder I've had no time to write on here - looking back,  I've been  bust virtually all the time. Getting in applications was fun, since I'm an early applicant, and that took me up til the end of september. After that, the teachers decided that we could start working "properly", so it's be extra homework and oxbridge classes in my free periods.

Still, there have been a few good things. firstly, TV always seems to improve when we go back to school, so at the moment I have Spooks (pretty good) on a monday, Extras, Mitchell and Webb and Mock The Week on thursday (Extras is still slightly naff, but Mtchell and Webb is brilliant, and Mock the Week only slightly less so), Have I Got News For You on fridays (superb as always), Robin Hood on Saturdays (Hilarious. Watch it just for the cheesyness factor) and, starting this Sunday, Torchwood (YAY!).

Wow. Because that list doesn't make me sound geeky at all.

Anyway, outside of that, I've brushed up on my HTML for Gothic Class ( website is at http://freewebs.com/gothicperse ) and am going to start learning Perl when my Dad gets back from Blakeney (he left with Mark this evening).

I'm also far too exicted about going to see Mitchell and Webb live with Tom in Coventry in November. Parents were a bit funny (they weren't terribly keen on me staying the night with Tom) but they've agreed. Nothing they can do, now, anyway - we booked tickets yesterday :-)

I'm off to babysit for the Chapmans in a bit, but before that...Chemistry revision. Joy.

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