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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I havn't been able to log on here for about a week - I think it's a problem at my end, not with this website, but it's still annoying :-(

School is as dull as ever - we had the school photograph taken today, which consisted of standing in a line for about an hour and a quarter waiting for everyone else to line up (Sixth form are first in and last out) and then spending about a minute actually taking the picture before waiting for another quarter of an hour before we could get out. Understandably, that wasn't a lot of fun.

They're being nicer to us in lessons because it's the start of term, but our new maths teacher seems slightly overenthusiastic - she's giving us homewok every night to be handed in the next day, which is tedious. I don't think anyone told her assigning homework isn't mandatory every lesson.

I've got a mostly homework-free evening tonight, so perhaps later I'll upload the other pictures from the trip to California.

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