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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I just went out for the most amazing meal. The restaurant advertises itself as "Steak and Seafood" but that really doesn't even begin to cover it.

It's a japanese-style place, but most of the food is done without sauces, so it's hard to notice. You order from a selection of different combinations of meats (including steak, chicken, fish, scallop, prawn, calamari and tuna), and the rest of the meal comes included in that. One table can seat up to eight people round it - we had seven round ours (my family, and another couple). You're arranged in a semi-circle round the centre of the table, which is basically a large grill.

You start off with a soup - ours was onion and mushroom, which doesn't sound terribly appetising, but the soup was intensly flavourful. Then the chef arrives with a trolley full of interesting things. After being given an impressive display of dexterity with the chef throwing several of his implements round each other at alarming speeds, the first dish to be cooked is the fried rice, which everyone gets. It consisted of chicken, eggs (the chef obviously had a sense of humor, as he threw the eggs down onto the grill in such a way that he could draw a chicken with them), vegetables and, obviously, rice. Some soy sauce and garlic butter got thrown into the mix someplace as well.. We also got served with salads at this point, which had a very interesting (nice!) sauce on them.

After the rice was done, prawns were fried in garlic butter. We all got given a small portion as an appetiser, and then those who had ordered prawn as one of their main course meats got given a larger portion. Then, the rest of the meat and fish was cooked (in no particular order that I could see) along with some courgette and onion rings. Were were also, at some point, given two different sauces (one for seafood and vegetables, one for meat and chicken). I only tried the seafood one, but it went very well with the prawn appetisers and the scallops that I ordered.

The other meat I had was steak, and I think it's not hyperbolaic to say that it was the best steak I have ever had. It was first cooked as a whole, then it was sliced up into chunks and fried further in garlic butter. I have no idea how they did it, but it was tender, juicy, delicious...I'm drooling at the thought of it, and I ate it less than an hour ago.

We had ice-cream to finish up - I went terribly conventional and had chocolate.

As far as drinks went, we got served water (obviously!) and I had what was effectively a Pina Colada, but with mango instead of rum/vodka. More like a fruit smoothie than anything else, I guess, but it was very good, if a little over-sweet. We also got served some very good Green Tea at the end of the meal (before the icecream) but I got a mouthful of the dregs by mistake and had a bitter taste in my mouth for about ten minutes afterwards.

The other "fun" thing was Dad mentioning to the waiter that it's my birthday on friday. This resulted in me being sung "Happy Birthday" in English and Japanese, and getting a nice cheesy photo to take home with me.

Off home tomorrow...feels a bit weird. We've been here for so long it almost feels like home. And I'll have an 11-hr flight :-(

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