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Friday, August 18, 2006

Bored now.

Being ill sucks. I get to sit (or lie, actually) in a bedroom (not mine, since I'm sleeping on the sofa while we're in America) and be bored. The only consolation is that I have my laptop, so I can re-watch Firefly and Buffy, or just mess around online. Which I am currently doing.

One of the nicer things about our apartment is that just outside (well, out and down about 3 storeys) is a restaurant/bar/whatever that has live music most night. So last night, I got a musical version of Hotel California, and I'm currently being serenaded by a jazz saxaphone.

On the bad side, Tom's gone to Cambridge. Which means

a) I miss out on seeing him. Again.


b) I have no-one to talk to for 3 days.

But we're off to the beach tomorrow, so if I'm not still feeling ill, I can drown my sorrows in sun, sea and sand.

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