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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back again

Got back from Yosemite Park yesterday (http://www.yosemitepark.com). That was an amazing weekend - the scenery is incredible! I think I just about filled up my camera with pictures - I'll put the best ones on here:

This one's actually about 4 photographs that I pieced together to make one big one. It's the view from one of the millions of lay-bys we stopped at on the way to the hotel. You can see my sister's head on the far left of the shot - I didn't realise it was there until I got the images onto my computer. It didn't come out quite perfect yet - there are still some lines and changes in brightness between the different photos - but I'm too tired to do any more. If I get a better version I'll post it here.

This one's an upward shot of some trees near one of the stops in the park I took whilst I was bored and waiting for a bus. I didn't get it quite right - the angle's off by a bit - but it's not bad. The pine trees were really impressive - I thought theres were tall at the time, but we visited the giant sequoia grove the day after and I got to see what a big tree REALLY loooked like.

This is Yosemite Falls. It's actually two waterfalls - an upper one and a lower one - but the lower one's in shadow, so you can't see it as well. I'm really annoyed with this, actually, becuase I took about 4 shots of this and in all of them, the upper falls are slightly to the right of the centre of the gap between the trees, but it would have been difficult to get it right without losing the lower falls into the trees.

There were hundreds of these little squirrels running around all over Yosemite. They were fairly tame, so I managed to get quite close to them. I thought this shot was particularly cute.

We went swimming in one of the river-pools - I swear, this one was filled with melted snow. It was absolutly FREEZING - my feet were numb (literally) by the end of it, and really quite sore when they defrosted. But it was definitly worth it - for one thing, it was about 36 degrees centigrade on the day and the water was kinda theraputic in that it seriously cooled you down.

I've got some more photos from other trips I've been on since I last posted, but right now it's 11PM and I'm going to sleep. The pictures can wait.

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